Alice Cooper: Gimme

A young rock band sell their souls to Alice in return for fame and fortune... but at what price?

The video was shot in a cave(!) in an underground car park in the East End of London, and was lit entirely with fire!

Strangely, something looking like Alice's eyes had already been painted on the back wall of the cave before we got there... spooky!
On the shoot day, there was a pensioners bric-a-brac market happening in the car park right next to the set. Alice really enjoyed browsing the market in between takes, in full make-up, freaking out all the stall holders and scaring the giggling grannies.

Hats off to Georgina for her stunning performance as Alice's assistant, and to Blast! aka 3rdElement, our fantastic goth/boyband.

A real surprise! This was an awesome Alice song and video. I liked it a lot. In the vid, which plays wonderfully off the song's lyrics, Alice sings to a bunch of Goth rock fanboys, spouting lines likes "I'm on your side, sincerely" and "I'm the only one that cares" in a mock understanding of what it is that drives young boys and girls to admire bands like Marilyn Manson and other Goth rockers. There are several pixilated shots that work well with cool images of snakes and spiders which one would expect (and in fact want) in an Alice Cooper video. The song reminded me of Alice's "Special Forces" album (circa '80 or '81) for some reason. And the end is "the bomb" with Alice turning the fan boys into N'Sync and then blowing them up. Yes! The audience applauded wildly to that image.
Video Showcase, SXSW Festival 2001

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Dir/Ed: Simon Hilton
Prod: Ali Buttle
DP: Tim Palmer
ArtD: Jem Collier-Garrity
Henry: Martin Goodwin

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