Delakota: 555   

New York, New York...
The first time for many of us, and what an intense and busy few days it was.
The helicopter shots were particularly interesting - the pilot was ex-Vietnam, hadn't slept for 48 hours, took the helicopter doors off (so we could see more skyscrapers), and did up our seatbelts with gaffer tape. It was a long way down. I still get queasy vertigo just thinking about it.
We got held to ransom in Coney Island, filmed on top of both the Twin Towers and Empire State Building, and went to see Woody Allen as well... but that's another story...

Cass is currently playing with Gorillaz
Morgan is currently playing with The Streets and Gorillaz

C'mon Cincinnati
Dir/Ed: Simon Hilton
Prod: MJ Morgan
DP: Andrew Catlin
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