John Lennon: Borrowed Time

A newly edited video, created from a wide variety of never-before-seen excerpts and out-takes from deep within the Lennon film archives from 1968-1980.
This is a slightly longer version than the album version.

The animated 6 year old John at the beginning of the video was made from a fascinating collection of pictures of John on a photographer's neg sheet (made for a parent to choose their favourite photo). If you visit Mendips, you can see the original negsheet in the photo album there.The pictures were morphed together using a multitude of tracking points, taking weeks to render!

I love the footage of John arranging his art exhibition. Its a side we rarely see of him, in a child-like state of concentration and thoroughly enjoying himself.

Released on Lennon Legend DVD
UK: Oct 27, 2003
USA: Nov 18, 2003

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Borrowed Time
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Dir/Ed: Simon Hilton
Prod: James Chads
ExecP: Yoko Ono
A Maguffin production

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