Supergrass: Supergrass Is 10 (DVD)

Once you've sat through the in-depth, career-spanning documentary on disc two, it's hard to come to any conclusion other than being Supergrass is probably the most joyful job in the world.
The Guardian - June 2004

One of the best rock and roll documentaries I've ever seen. Fucking Brilliant. Brilliant band, brilliant songs, a brilliant DVD. No need telling you what is on it. Buy it. It's worth every penny you spend.
Amazon - 2004

This is probably the most entertaining Rock DVD that I own. If you're a Supergrass fan, there's absolutely no excuse for not owning it. Anyway, you won't want to miss it because it's everything you could possibly want in a 10-Year History DVD set...all of the videos are here, some that I haven't seen in ages, and some that I had never seen before. Plus you can choose to hear the "Directors' Commentary" for each one (or select the karaoke version if you want).
"Late In the Day" still has to be my favorite Supergrass video, and I always wanted to know what went on during the I have the inside scoop.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the "Home Movie" DVD, but it's one of the best rock and roll documentaries I've ever seen. At times it's laugh-out-loud funny.
Amazon - 2004



Narrated by the band, this feature length documentary tells the 10 year story of Supergrass in their own unique and humorous style - from their humble beginnings in Oxford, to the position they modestly hold today as one of the UK’s most popular and idiosyncratic bands.

A Home Movie contains:

      • New, specially filmed interviews with Supergrass and related personnel.
      • Rare TV performances & interviews from around the world (UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Japan, etc.), from their first performance of “Caught By The Fuzz” on ‘The Word’ to “Rush Hour Soul” on ‘Conan O’ Brien’.
      • Rare concert footage from The Oxford Zodiac to Wembley Arena, via every size and shape of venue in 10 years of UK, American, Australian, Japanese, European & World Tours.
      • Rare festival appearances from (amongst many others) Rock In Rio, Glastonbury(s), V Festivals, Reading, T in The Park, SXSW (USA), Big Day Out (Australia) etc.
      • Excerpts, out-takes & ‘making of’ footage from ALL the music videos.
      • Home movie / on-the-road / backstage footage, filmed by Supergrass, road manager Mark Dempsey, Dom&Nic & Simon Hilton (amongst others) on glorious Super 8mm film & Hi8 & DVC videotape.
      • Footage of Supergrass writing, rehearsing and recording all 4 albums, in and out of the studio.
      • Archive interview out-takes, originally filmed for EPKs etc, mainly previously unseen.
      • Supergrass uniquely performing record company / commercial ‘pieces-to-camera’ & idents etc.
      • Rare early Supergrass demos (from cassette audio tape, etc!)

A Home Movie was:
      • Edited down from over 400 hours of archive material.
      • Created with full creative collaboration and involvement with the band.
      • Sourced from every film, video, audio and stills format imaginable:
            • Film: Super 35mm, Standard 35mm, Super 16mm, Standard 16mm & Super 8.
            • Videotape: One inch, beta, digibeta, SVHS, Standard VHS, Hi-8 & DVC in PAL, NTSC & SECAM.
            • Audio: Original masters, 48kHz DATs, CDs, MiniDiscs, Cassettes, 8-Tracks, 4-Tracks & AIFFs
            • Stills: 35mm, Polaroid, home snaps, digital files & rostrum work.
      • All the randomly incoming (and often unlabelled) footage was viewed, logged, transcribed and cross-referenced with tour schedules, diaries, record reports, (and the band members and associated personnel’s memories) etc. into a meticulous day-by-day 10 year chronological database.
      • We also used the band’s website to appeal for bootleg footage from fans, which generated a very high response.


18 famous, award winning music videos:

            • Caught By The Fuzz (2 versions)
            • Mansize Rooster
            • Lenny
            • Alright
            • Time
            • Going Out
            • Richard III
            • Sun Hits The Sky
            • Late In The Day
            • We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give)
            • Pumping On Your Stereo
            • Moving
            • Mary (2 versions)
            • Grace
            • Seen The Light
            • Rush Hour Soul

Remastering pictures and sound
All the music videos were completely remastered, with visual content all sourced from original video master tapes, or re-mastered from original film.
ALL the music and sound fx were re-mastered and re-synced from Higher Quality original audio masters.

Directors Commentaries
Supergrass have always been known for having superb videos by highly regarded directors.
Individual commentaries were recorded over length (whilst directors watched the video 4 or 5 times).
The commentaries were then edited down to fit the video length, keeping them interesting, information-rich & referring to moments as they happened on screen.
The videos on the DVD are arranged chronologically, so viewing them with the commentary track ‘on’, is, in many ways, like watching another long documentary about the band.
Directors are: Dom&Nic, Hammer & Tongs, Sophie Muller, Roman Coppola, Nick Gordon & Simon Hilton.

Karaoke versions
Instrumental-only (no vocals) audio masters were re-synced to each video, and word-by-word light-up karaoke subtitles were added!


Kiss of Life

The new video for the new single, dir: dom&nic.

Lose It

Filmed by Dom&Nic in 1994, this footage had been lying in a shoe box for 10 years, unprocessed & unseen.
Simon synched silent footage for the entire video by eye, by recognising key words & musical phrases.

Richard III

A new multl-camera version of the well-known video.
Each of the ‘camera angles’ were designated to individual band members, with newly edited performances for each. The original video can still be created from the multi-camera version, if you change camera angles at the right time.

Caught By The Fuzz (Acoustic Version)

Originally directed by Nic Goffey (brother of drummer Danny) 10 years ago.
The original version had been edited on VHS tape, filmed off a Super 8 projector screen.
It was completely restored by re-transferring the original Super 8 footage, which was then re-synced, frame-for-frame to the original (VHS) edit.


All 9 Menus are new music videos / quirky films in their own right.
      • They were made from:
            • Rare audio soundtracks (B-Sides, Demos, Instrumentals, Album tracks or new recordings).
            • Extended narrative elements from the music videos (using mostly previously unseen film footage).
            • Sourced from over 100 hours of footage from 17 music videos.
            • Relevant to the particular menu theme, in their time period / content.
            • Made to loop seamlessly.
            • Up to (in some cases) 5 minutes in length.

Content rich and creatively driven, the DVD makes incredible use of the interactive potential of the format.

Dir/Ed: Simon Hilton
Prod: James Chads
DP: Andrew Catlin
Cam: dom&nic, Mark Dempsey, Supergrass etc
A Maguffin production

Music videos dir:
       dom&nic (Oil Factory)
       Hammer & Tongs (H&T)
       Sophie Muller (Oil Factory)
       Roman Coppola (Oil Factory)
       Nick Gordon (Academy)
       Simon Hilton (Maguffin)

DVD Auth/Design: Abbey Road Interactive
Rec Co: Parlophone
Mgmt: Courtyard: Chris Hufford/Julie Calland
Comms: Keith Wozencroft/Miles Leonard/Stefan Demetriou/Katherine Parrott - Parlophone

©MMIV Parlophone Records Ltd

Supergrass Is 10
Lose It
(dir: dom&nic)
A Home Movie
Teaser 1

(dir: Simon Hilton)
Caught By The Fuzz
(dir: dom&nic)
A Home Movie
Teaser 2

(dir: Simon Hilton)
(dir: dom&nic)
A Home Movie
Teaser 3

(dir: Simon Hilton)
(dir: dom&nic)
A Home Movie
Teaser 4

(dir: Simon Hilton)
Going Out
(dir: dom&nic)
(dir: dom&nic)
Seen The Light
(dir: Simon Hilton)
Richard III
(dir: dom&nic)
Sun Hits The Sky
(dir: dom&nic)
    Late In The Day
(dir: dom&nic)
(dir: Nick Gordon)
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