Smashing Pumpkins: Ava Adore 

This video was meant to be one long smooth take, moving between different environments and ending up in the feedback of the cinema screen set.

Programming the motion control camera rig was very tricky.
There are a lot of film speed changes in the video, and the tracking of the camera had to be adjusted accordingly to appear seamless.
This was made particularly difficult as the rate-of-change between different camera/track speeds was quite variable.

After weeks of set building and camera tests, it was the night before the shoot.
Dom&nic finally had it nailed.
We were all looking forward to our first early night, and a great day's shoot ahead.

The band came down for final rehearsal, and Billy Corgan spontaneously decided and then insisted (despite weeks of planning) that the camera tracking rails and equipment should be revealed halfway through the video.
Apparently it "broke the 4th wall".
We had to stay all night and reprogram the rig with heavy hearts.
I always watch this video with a sad sense of what-could-have-been when the flow is broken halfway through.

I think we spent 4 or 5 days editing this after, adjusting speeds and combining takes of
appearances/disappearances/performances by the artistes; refining the final video into one single seamless take.

Curiously, the band dissolved shortly afterwards.

Billy Corgan
official site
Dir: dom&nic
Prod: John Madsen
Ed: Simon Hiton
Co: Oil Factory

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